About us

Floret Ltd. is a specialized retailer of children clothing, accessories and footwear; offering both retail and wholesale. Our team believes that the customer is decisive and most important factor for a business, so to us it is of utmost importance!

Floreta wants to take you to a place that online shopping is an exciting, interactive and fun experience. We know how to answer all your expectations. We are familiar with the trends of the "new world" in which people strive to quickly and easily obtain quality on fair prices.
This is our motto: in the world of Floretha, you can purchase great products for their children without worrying about anything. We will be your partner that will not disappoint.

Floretha team consists of people who understand the needs of today's children and their parents. Seeking to answer all your expectations, we are at your disposal for questions and comments of any kind.

With respect,

Floretha Team